Time Tracker

Keep tabs on the time spent with clients.

Keeping track of time spent meeting with students, doing research and any other activity for a client is important, even if you do not bill hourly. Having an exact measure of time spent allows you to calculate the number of clients you can handle, the time needed to service those clients and determine the overall time investment you are making.

Time entries can be created directly from your calendar which makes setting up new meetings and logging the time spent one fluid motion.

See summary & detailed reporting options.

Creating your invoices is rather effortless and depending on how you prefer to charge for your service, you may import Time Tracker hours you've logged to bill hourly or you can add a line for your comprehensive plan. There's no prerequisites and nothing to set-up or configure to get started. Step one is to create an invoice. It's that simple!

View snapshots of time spent by client.

See an overview of the hours spent within each student's profile as well as the status for any billable time. By creating your invoices from Time Tracker entries, the Invoice module will keep the billing status up-to-date. You'll always know exactly what's outstanding in terms of payments without having to run a report.

Calendar integration

When you create a meeting on your calendar with a student you can easily have the event logged in the Time Tracker.

Add billable time to invoices

When you enter items into Time Tracker you may indicate if it's billable time. Then add billable time to your invoices.

Payment status indication

When you invoice clients based on Time Tracker entries, the Invoice module reports back to Time Tracker and will display which logged time has been invoiced, paid and what still needs to be billed.

Powerful analytics

By tracking your time, you'll know exactly what your investment is into each client. This information is super value in calculating pricing, potential client load and scheduling.

Set your defaults

If you generally meet for the same period of time for each meeting, Time Tracker can learn this and when new entries are added the time will already be loaded. You may, of course, override this as needed.