Files & Folders

All your documents in one managable location.

The files and folders module provides you with an efficient and easily accessible way to manage all of your files and documents. With the ability to access files from any device with an internet connection, you'll never be left without the materials you need. Plus with CollegePlannerPro's continuous system back-ups, a copy of your files is a perfect safe-guard in the event you delete a file from your computer.

Your student's files & folders center.

Reliable college data

Our college profile information is based on both College Navigator (IPEDS) and Wintergreen Orchard House, so you know it's up-to-date and accurate.

Share files with students

Uploaded documents may be shared with students on an individual basis or as a group. Students can easily receive the materials they need.

Student file uploads

Your students may upload their own files providing you with easy access to them. No more elusive email attachments to track down.

Folder management

Create folders to easily manage and organize files. You may even assign folders to more than one student minimizing the need to repeatedly upload the file.

Access from anywhere

Your CollegePlannerPro account keeps your files and folders in the "cloud" so you may access them from anywhere.

Store contact files

Documents may be uploaded to contact profiles too. Keep all of your files in one place for both your students and contacts.

Multiple files simultaneously

Easily upload several documents together to save time.