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Connect with your students, keep their attention, and deliver the stuff they need

From homework, sports, clubs, friends, movies to social networking; it's a narrow window to capture your students attention to get them prepared for college. CustomCollegePlan provides a quick way to deliver the message in a fast-paced high school student's world.

  • Students get a breakdown of all the changes, updates and messages you have made to their account
  • They can see the meeting dates and times they have with you
  • The "digital conversation" is front and center. It's a on-going back and forth with you and the student that makes exchaning ideas, tasks and memo lighting fast. Heck, your students can even post to the conversation via text message!
  • Students can keep their basic profile information up-to-date as well, including their GPA, degree interests and contact information

Custom tailored college lists with school profiles, notes, admission tasks, and maps

The colleges are what it's all about, right? This section of CustomCollegePlan is the proverbial "meat and potatoes".

  • Students are delivered a suggested college list you create in CollegePlannerPro
  • You can quickly leave personal notes for each student about colleges on the suggested list
  • College profiles for each college are populated with continually updated IPEDS data
  • Students have access to web links to college resources for each college
  • A handy map displaying college locations answers the geography questions
  • Students build their own "My List of Colleges" based on your suggestions and any additional colleges they wish
  • Colleges on the student's "My List" provides a quick look at a college's admission tasks and their status
  • Students can drag-and-drop their "My List" colleges to re-order them into their preferential order

ACT and SAT testing dates, registration deadlines and student test scores, plus calendar alerts

  • Students save their test results for pre-loaded ACT and SAT dates
  • SAT subject test dates included
  • Students who have not taken or registered can see registration deadlines
  • Students can specifiy custom dates and save historical scores

Admission tasks to keep 'em on track and get the work done

Keep your students on track with tasks for each step of the way. While students can see and edit admission tasks while working in the college lists section, here they can sort their list any way they wish to get a handle on what to do next.

  • The task list is sortable by, college name, deadline, task status, and task name
  • Students can quickly update a task's status, which in turn will notify you of their progress
  • The list provides a great overview for students to see where they stand and what they should be focused on

A calendar loaded with admission tasks, ACT/SAT dates, reminders and meetings with you

Students get a monthly grid of meetings to attend, admission task deadlines, ACT and SAT testing dates, and other items they need to be focused on that you put on their calendar

  • Events contain a detailed view for students
  • Items are color coded by type for faster reference
  • ACT & SAT events include registration deadlines, include international deadlines

It's your company brand your clients see

There's no need for your students to know who we are. So, when they visit CustomCollegePlan they see your company's branding.

To take things a step further, students can directly login to CustomCollegePlan from your company's website if you choose. This way, they just need to know your website and let the communication begin!

Either way, CustomCollegePlan can seemlessly integrate into your business!

  • Upload your company's logo
  • Select a custom web address integrating your company's name

How texting with your students works

  1. You send a student a text message from your phone.
  2. The text is transferred through CollegePlannerPro and saved in the Conversation module.
  3. The text is then sent to your student's mobile phone.
  4. Your student's reply is transferred back to the CollegePlannerPro and saved.
  5. You receive a text message with the student's response.
It's just like texting phone-to-phone, except all of your texts with students are saved in one location for easy reference. Plus, if you'd prefer not to use your phone, you can still text with your students through CollegePlannerPro and everything works the same for them.

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