College Profiles

Easy to read. Easy to navigate. Easy to customize.

College profiles make it easy to quickly see how a college would match up to your student's preferences. Determine the size of the school, student body, degree programs offered, location, academic requirements and more. Plus add and style your own information which you may easily share with your students as they explore their college options.

ACT & SAT score 50th percentile graphs.

Get a picture of the ACT and SAT exam scores for enrolled students at each school. These same charts are used to present you and your students with a look at how their scores compare using our How Do I Match Up ™ graphs.

See exactly how your students compare.

Compare ACT, SAT and GPA data to thousands of colleges to see how your students are matching up to other enrolled students. You may even elect to make these resourses available to your students within their accounts.

Explore school in greater depth with the Research Launch Pad.

Create college lists in your own words.

There are lots of college lists out there, but what about lists that match exactly what you are looking for. Let's say there's a student interested in engineering at a large school in an urban setting, has a basketball team, and is on the west coast. With college tagging, you can filter down a list of schools matching these exact parameters. And the best part is, the tags are created with the lingo you use and prefer. College lists have evolved to a whole new level and taken on a whole new dimension.


Complete financial aid summaries.

During the busy season it's important no clients slip through the cracks. With calendar student meeting reports you can easily see a list of all of your students and when your next meeting will be. Maybe you'd like to see the last meeting you've had with your students. You can do that too. Gone is the need to flip through the pages of your calendar to be sure everyone is accounted for.

See what's offered with a list college degree programs.

A complete list of degree programs is available within college profiles. From bachelor's, masters, associates and doctoral, you'll see what each school has to offer for majors and programs.

Reliable college data

Our college profile information is based on both College Navigator (IPEDS) and Wintergreen Orchard House, so you know it's up-to-date and accurate.

Research Launch Pad

When it comes to college data there really is no one-stop-shop. CollegePlannerPro integrates a bridge approach to deliver you and your students directly into external college resource websites with the Research Launch Pad. The Launch Pad is customizable, allowing you to show the resources you recommend.

Intuitive format & layout

In a matter of seconds, find the data you are looking for. No more hunting around trying to find out if a school is a Common App school or not.

Your own college notes

After all you are a great college resource too with lots of good information. Easily save and share your knowledge with your students as they explore good fit schools.

Direct links

You and your students have direct link access to the college admission office web pages, online applications, financial aid information and net price calculators.

Application deadlines & tasks

Each profile comes loaded with deadline information for schools. Easily assign deadlines and tasks to your students for their college list.

College Tagging

Add your own descriptions (tags) to any college and quickly recall a list of schools based on your tags. It's college lists based on your own terms.

Degree Programs

A complete list of degree programs is available within college profiles. From bachelor's, masters, associates and doctoral, you'll see what each school has to offer.