Calendar & Alerts

It looks like most calendars. But does so much more.

Keep track of your busy schedule with CollegePlannerPro Calendar. Designed to be your command central to manage all of your meetings with clients and prospects, this calender will remind everyone (including you) about dates and times. Your calendar will link nicely to your current calendar, bringing all events into one convenient place.

Add events and send meeting reminders to parents & students.

Your calendar will send your students text messages, emails and display on their student calendars to remind them of their meetings with you. It's next to impossible for your student to forget they've got a meeting with you. It will even remind the parents too.

Generate student meeting reports.

During the busy season it's important no clients slip through the cracks. With calendar student meeting reports you can easily see a list of all of your students and when your next meeting will be. Maybe you'd like to see the last meeting you've had with your students. You can do that too. Gone is the need to flip through the pages of your calendar to be sure everyone is accounted for.

Meeting reminders

Calendar will alert you, your students and their parents about scheduled meetings. No more missed meetings.

Time Tracker integration

Doing two things at once saves time. When you schedule a student meeting, automatically have Time Tracker log the time.

Student meeting reports

See when the next meeting with all your students will be or when you last met.

Text message alerts

Both you and your students can receive reminders on your smartphones for scheduled calendar events.

Link your calendars

Chances are you already have a calendar you like to use. But there are many advantages to using the CollegePlannerPro Calendar. How about using both? You can! Easily link both and see all your events in one place while taking advantage of all the features available with the CollegePlannerPro Calendar.