Broadcast Emails

A better way to send important email messages.

Sending email broadcasts doesn't have to be a headache or a time consuming process. With CollegePlannerPro all of your contact's email addresses are readily available and groups of recipients natually exist, making it easy to craft a message to a certain group of individuals. Quickly send along a message to all of your prospective families, current clients, students by high school graduation year or applicants of a specific college or university.

Track the email messages you've sent.

Every broadcast email message sent is automatically tracked providing you with a look at who is opening the messages and when. Always know your broadcasts emails are landing safely in inboxes of you clients and prospects.

Deliver the necessary documents to students and parents.

Easily drop the necessary documents and files right into the email inboxes of your clients and prospects. The attachments are actually downloadable files which means you can switch out their content at any time, even after sending a broadcast message, and you recipients will see the latest version. It's sorta like magic!

Create beautiful emails

The built-in message creator makes it easy to create emails with images and custom styling to enhance the look of your messages.

Schedule message send time

Create your message and have it schedule to arrive to your recipients when you'd like it to.

Message tracking

See when your email messages are delivered and opened by recipients. (Learn more in the main column.)

Build reusable lists

When you create a list of recipients for a broadcast message, you may reuse this list to continue to send messages to. Need to continually email all of your junior clients? No problem.

File attachments

Broadcast emails may have document attached to them. This makes delivering necessary files a snap.

Send a newsletter

Easily maintain your subscriber list within your contacts and deliver your newsletter with message tracking.