Billing & Invoicing

Keep it simple. Get paid.

CollegePlannerPro built-in invoicing is simple and intuitive, so billing isn't intimidating or time consuming. The features are designed with the needs for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You'll be and invoicing your clients and tracking payments in no time.

With three ways to deliver invoices, via Email, PDF or paper copy, CollegePlannerPro works the way you like to do things. By using the email option, you clients have immediate access to their invoice. You can even see when they viewed it!

Invoices are super easy to create.

Creating your invoices is rather effortless and depending on how you prefer to charge for your service, you may import Time Tracker hours you've logged to bill hourly or you can add a line for your comprehensive plan. There's no prerequisites and nothing to set-up or configure to get started. Step one is to create an invoice. It's that simple!

It's quick to enter payments.

Track all the payments you receive from your clients, regardless of how you accept payment for your services. It's easy to keep a record of all the checks, credit/debit cards, monthly installments and IOU's (okay maybe not those) you've received.

Reporting. The whole financial story, with a happy ending.

Your business isn't just the work you do, it's how you keep track of it. Generate styled reports to see sales by service or product type like how many clients are on your comprehensive plan versus an hourly package. With reporting you can see who's who, complete with a reveue breakdown by product.

If you offer your clients the ability to pay you in installments, CollegePlannerpro makes that easy too. With reporting you can see you receivables by invoice to see who still owes you and how much.

Your clients see an attractive, professional interface.

When you email an invoice to your client, it arrives in their inbox styled with your logo and personlized with their details. Within the message is a secure link they use to access a web interface so they can see the invoice details. Your clients have the option to print out the invoice or download a PDF record of the invoice. Once they've sent you a payment and you've recorded it, they'll see the payment reflected in their payment history and on the invoice itself.

Comprehensive packages

Quickly generate invoices based on the different packages you offer and pass them along to your clients via email, paper of PDF.

Hourly billing/invoicing

If you work with clients on an hourly basis, both invoicing and Time Tracker work seemlessly to make billing your clients fast and easy.

Supports payment plans

Track multiple payments for the same invoice and have the ability to see a report of outstanding amounts due.

Easy client access

Your clients have access to all of their invoices and payments through secure web access without you needing to provide them with a username or password.

Paperless invoicing

You have the option to invoice your clients electronically, saving paper and postage cost.

Revenue reports

Generate a report to track revenue by service, client, date range, etc. Our reports are designed to be easy to create and simple to read.

Custom emails

You're in the drivers seat when it comes to what your clients see when you send them an email. Plus you can set up email message defaults to save time while still delivering professional looking messages.