Organization and communication made simple.

Features designed with you and your business in mind.

  • College Profiles

    College profiles can be customized to include your notes, tags and tasks. They're so much more than just college data. But of course there is that too.

  • Files & Folders

    It just makes sense to keep all of your documents in one place and access them from anywhere. Exchanging files with your students has never been so simple.

  • Time Tracker

    Track the time you spend with your students, and know exactly how much time you've spent researching and performing other tasks. Create invoices with logged time too.

  • Broadcast Emails

    Send out important announcements including attachments to your prospects and clients. You can even track who has opened and viewed your broadcast emails.

  • Billing & Invoicing

    CollegePlannerPro built-in invoicing is simple and intuitive, so billing isn't intimidating or time consuming. You'll be invoicing your clients and tracking payments in no time.

  • Calendar & Alerts

    Calendar will text message your students to remind them about meetings and it will even email their parents. Quickly see a report of the next meeting lined up for all your students.


But wait, there's more.

Your account comes fully loaded with all of this stuff too.

  • Student Profiles

    All the information you've collected and communicated with clients is available within each student's comprehensive, easy-to-navigate profile page. Student information has never been so easy to find.

  • College Reports (Printable)

    Create, customize and print professional, branded college reports for your clients. Reports make the task of delivering a detailed list of colleges to students and parents a much simpler process.

  • Text Messaging (Conversations)

    Powerful yet simple, conversations utilize text messaging, emails and posts to student profiles to consolidate all of the communications you have with your student clients. It's the most effective and efficient way to communicate.

  • Student Keychain

    With so many passwords to remember for the application process, the keychain provides a single place for students to keep all of their credentials.

  • Campus Map View

    You and your students can see exactly how far or how close to home college campuses on a student's list are. Students can even use the maps to plan out their campus visits.

  • Notes & Emails

    Easily track all of the interactions you have with prospects and clients. Plus, email them right from your own notes saving time and reducing the need to do two things in two separate places.

  • Fiske Guide Profiles

    College profiles include Fiske's trademark descriptions, exclusive ratings, tips from current students, and tools for broadening and narrowing a college list for both you and your students.

  • Contact Profiles

    Store and organize all the information for your prospective clients and your current customers in easy to profile. Schedule meetings, send emails, upload files and create invoices all on one intuitve page layout.

  • College Lists

    Quickly and easily create lists of colleges for both you and your students. With college tagging, lists are based on your words, providing you the flexibility and customization to organize colleges by how you work with them.

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