Our home

CollegePlannerPro receives its snail mail in Raleigh, NC but we're actually located across the U.S. where each team member calls home. We just love the flexibility of collaborating remotely as a team and with all the consultants throughout the world that make CollegePlannerPro come to life.

Our focus

We're passionate about what we do and we enjoy helping others. Just the thought of our work assisting not only college consultants but the students and parents you work with, fuels us to build a system aimed at putting smiles on faces and students into good-fit schools.

Our methodology

We're fixated on keeping things simple and we firmly believe the more simplistic, the more powerful. Everything we do filters through this philosophy with the primary goal of delivering a solution that's easy to use, easy to learn and well, darn right simple.

Our commitment to you

CollegePlannerPro, as our name implies, is for college planning professionals. We train our focus on the features that matter to you. We're aware we can't try to be everything to everyone as we'd ultimately be neglecting you, the college planning professional. Therefore, we commit wholeheartedly to evolve the system each day to better meet your needs.

We're here to help

If you have a question for us, just drop us a line via our support page. We'll get back to you promptly.

We're proud to be the only software system solely dedicated to independent college planning consultants.


Who and where we are.

North Carolina

For the history buffs, here's how it all got started.

Brooke and Travis Daly, a wife and husband team, are the co-founders of CollegePlannerPro.

Travis began creating an ad hoc for solution for Brooke's company, Advantage College Planning, in 2009 when her busniess began growing beyond what could be managed using spreadsheets, hand-written notes, etc. Travis spent some free time to create a simple solution for Brooke's college counseling business while working full time as an application developer.

The idea that other IECs could benefit from what had been built for Brooke was introduced when Brooke was repeatedly asked by fellow IECs what she used to manage her business. That's when the light went on and CollegePlannerPro was born.

In a short time, CollegePlannerPro has quickly evolved to serve the needs of IECs worldwide. Since it's inception, the system has evolved leaps and bounds from it's initial version. We attribute this success and development to the IECs and CollegePlannerPro team members working closely to create tools tailored specifically for IECs.

We sincerely thank the educational consulting community for making us a part of it.